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Fence Spike 8.8m

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Fence Spike 8.8m

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Nobody wants their property to be vulnerable to the threat of intruders or even next door’s cat!


Providing an effective, low cost deterrent against unwelcome intruders, these discreet ‘anti-climb’ security fence spikes are ideal for protecting boundaries and keeping your pets out of your neighbour’s garden and deterring unwanted visitors to yours.

Made from unobtrusive polypropylene, covered with non-lacerating but distinctly uncomfortable pointed spikes, they are designed to deliver maximum discomfort, but minimum harm.

A pack comprises of 9 strips with each strip measuring 49cm long, equating to 4.4m in total, and each strip can be cut neatly to size.

Each strip also features fixing holes for easy installation using nails, screws or simply glue.


  • 9x plastic strips of non-harming spikes
  • Clever double hinge design allows easy fixing to angled surfaces
  • Fully weatherproof, durable and reusable
  • Brown to blend in with your standard fence panels
  • Place side by side for wider surfaces
  • Dimensions: 490mm L x 43mm W x 15mm H
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Additional Information

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