The Big Drippa Watering Kit

This budget drip watering system offers a simple way to water your plants without the need for a mains water supply.
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There’s no need to constantly feed your plants, herbs or vegetables nor have access to a mains water outlet with this ingenious ‘drip feed’ system. The Big Drippa is the ideal solution for greenhouses or allotments.

Likened to a hospital I.V. kit, it works in much the same way. Featuring a 10.5 litre water reservoir bag which you simply hang-up and allow gravity to do the rest as it drip feeds water at a constant rate.

A full bag will last up to 24 hours depending on the flow rate, which can be adjusted using integrated tube taps and will ensure whatever you’re growing is sufficiently watered for a two day period – ideal if you are away for the weekend.

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